How Teaching English Abroad Helps Give Kids Opportunities

How Teaching English Abroad Helps Give Kids Opportunities

Teaching abroad brings great benefits to the teacher, but mostly, to the student. If you’re looking into teaching kids, you might be wondering what kind of impact your work would have on them.


Learning a foreign language as a kid will allow them to permanently benefit from friendships across different cultures, increased career opportunities, go on fun travel adventures and provide them with deeper insights into how others perceive the world around them.

It Boosts Kids’ Skills and Abilities

A couple of years ago, people thought that children that learned a second language would end up getting confused. However, it’s now known that not only are they able to learn it perfectly, they also perform better in their native language than monolinguals.


Studies also show that bilingual children are better at multitasking and are also able to better focus their attention. It’s believed that this is the way to increase their intelligence, resulting in smarter kids.

It Helps Them Understand Other Cultures Better

In order to understand others, having good communication is a very important thing. However, as bilingual children might be able to tell you, learning a new language provided them with many other benefits as well.


Teaching children a new language will help develop their brains in different ways since it allows them to understand how other people see the world. It also gives them an overview into traditions that have shaped a language.

It Increases Career Opportunities

As you probably already know, being bilingual helps children have many more career options in the long run. Many job positions nowadays require or favour bilingual candidates, so those who speak more than one language are presented with more job opportunities.


By teaching English abroad, you are helping children be eligible for more jobs, internships and work-study programs in foreign countries.


It can Help Them Think out of the Box

There are many ways to build creative thinking skills in young children but the most efficient is by teaching them a second language. Bilingual children have shown more creativity and higher problem-solving skills.


Teaching children English can help them see the world in new and creative ways. They will be able to analyze various points of view regarding a problem, thus making use of creative problem-solving.

It Will Make Them More Empathic

Bilingual children have proven they can better put themselves in someone else’s shoes and consider their perspective in order to understand their behavior and/or intentions.


Since they already have to apply the mental gymnastics of deciding which language to use when, they can also apply their brains to thinking which language to use with whom, which content will be understood and the appropriate time and place for it.


You can already deduce how much better their adult lives will be with these skills and opportunities you will be providing by teaching these children a second language. In their senior years, being bilingual will probably delay Alzheimer’s and dementia by up to 5 years since they develop what is known as a cognitive reserve.

TEFL Course Review

Entrust TEFL’s training program is designed to equip teachers with the skills to succeed in a fun, relaxed learning environment alongside fellow Western teachers.

Teachers will leave fully prepared to thrive in the Thai education system with the ability to navigate through its unique challenges.

Entrust TEFL has a long and well-established track record of proven results. 6,000 teachers have successfully completed the course and moved on to utilize their new skill sets in Thai classrooms across the country.

Course Schedule

The Entrust TEFL training course is 140 hours of hands-on learning over a three-week period, Monday to Friday, 8 hours every day. One major advantage of Entrust TEFL’s program over others is that it enables teachers to finish in three weeks rather than four and move more quickly into their desired positions to get started teaching.

Each week, as teachers become more advanced, the training moves into real-world environments where teachers can practice teaching real students with the help of experts to guide them and build confidence in the classroom.

The in-class practicum, under the supervision of Entrust TEFL staff, is conducted in underprivileged schools in the Chiang Mai and Krabi areas, meaning that teachers get the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives while gaining important experience simultaneously. Real-world experience is also gained in Entrust TEFL’s fun English camps.

By the third week, teachers are ready to begin work and the majority of this week is spent polishing newly acquired English-teaching techniques and preparing to move onto their new positions at their chosen school.

Course Evaluation

At the end of the course, teachers complete an evaluation before earning their new internationally-recognized TEFL certificate. The evaluation is divided into three parts:  theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, and real-world knowledge.

The TEFL Certificate

After successful completion of the course, teachers will have earned the gold standard TEFL certificate. It is the only TEFL certificate recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education. It is also recognized by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC) and the International Association of Teachers as English Foreign Language (IATEFL).

Moving into the Field

Entrust TEFL has benefits beyond the completion of the course. The alumni network will be accessible to all graduates, allowing teachers to share their new experiences and exchange advice. Entrust TEFL creates a friendly atmosphere where teachers form long-term bonds and help each other succeed in their new positions as TEFL teachers in Thailand.

TEFL Courses

When a teacher enrolls in an Entrust TEFL training program, he or she will leave equipped to successfully navigate the English-teaching world of Thailand. The fully immersive course provides knowledge and skills useful in real-world interactions with Thai students, as well as an understanding of the important cultural differences between the West and Thailand.

Entrust TEFL offers two training packages: Basic TEFL Course and Premium TEFL Course.

Basic TEFL Course: What is it and What Does it Include?

In 140 hours of hands-on, in-classroom training, teachers will gain practical experience in English teaching to non-native speakers and leave with an internationally-recognized accreditation. One important feature of Entrust TEFL’s basic course is the ability of teachers to choose which parts of the training options they will find most useful or are most interested in.

The elements of the well-rounded basic course include:

  • 140 hrs. In-Class TEFL Course
  • Study Material and Course Books
  • In-Country Orientation of the culture
  • New Teachers’ Starter Pack
  • TEFL Certificate which is Recognized Internationally
  • Access to the Student Portal & LMS
  • Three Full Days at a Real School
  • Conduct a Real English Camp
  • Certified Volunteer Certificate
  • Thai Language Lesson
  • Thai SIM Card & Internet
  • Ongoing Alumni Support

Entrust TEFL goes above and beyond what other training programs do, providing a complete network of support from beginning to end – and even beyond with the support of the alumni network as teachers move into the work field. Again, one excellent advantage of Entrust TEFL over other training programs is the flexibility it offers. For example, a teacher already familiar with Thai culture may choose to forego the cultural training in favor of more time building their teaching skill sets.

Premium TEFL Course:  What is it and What Does it Include?

Teachers who opt for the Premium TEFL Course enjoy all the benefits of in-class training and cultural education of the basic course plus a fully supported experience which includes:

  • Airport Pick-Up and Transportation to Hotel/Resort
  • Hotel/Resort Accommodation
  • Thai Culture Immersion Trips
  • Organized Excursions (Island Hopping or Mountaineering)
  • Real Job Placement Guarantee
  • Non-Immigrant Visa Support

The Premium TEFL Course is an excellent option for teachers who want a completely worry-free experience while transitioning to their new position. Entrust TEFL helps teachers work through all the details so that they can focus on succeeding in the classroom and thriving in their new home.

Please contact Entrust TEFL support staff today for answers or clarifications to all your questions regarding our training courses.